General Terms

General Terms

In order to use THE E TREE  services, you must agree to the following fees and refund policy.

THE E TREE  Service is provided to you with the condition that you accept the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this document without modification by you. Your use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of all such terms, conditions, and notices. Your use of any of THE E TREE  sites may be subject to additional terms and conditions stated elsewhere in those sites.

Subscription currency

All subscriptions and payments are in US Dollars unless otherwise stated herein. In order for subscribers to access and use THE E TREE  services, they must agree to the current payment terms.

By completing the Subscription payment process, you can access the e-shop and use the services of orders management, and other services provided by THE E TREE . The user does not purchase any exclusive rights to a web page or host information on THE E TREE . Also, THE E TREE  has the right to change prices or set limits for requests based on account activity. The subscription fee is paid for THE E TREE  services, which do not include product prices, shipping, and delivery costs or other transaction fees.

Limited periods offers

Some of the above conditions may not apply to Limited Period Promotional offers Subscribers. If you believe you are subject to any special promotional pricing plan and have questions about the fees applicable to your subscription, please contact customer service.

Changes in terms of payment and cancellation

THE E TREE  has the right of changing payment and cancellation terms at its sole discretion from time to time by notifying you or not with such changes. The currently published version of those terms cancels all previous versions. Your continued use of the Site and THE E TREE  Services after changes are made constitutes your acceptance of your compliance with these Terms.

Payment Policy

Payment terms:

All members are required to provide valid and acceptable payment information such as credit cards or any other form of payment that is valid for monthly or annual payment so that they can access the services of THE E TREE . Entering acceptable payment method information for the system allows you unlimited access to all THE E TREE  services as long as THE E TREE  is authorized to receive payments from the active payment method. Deducting payments at the beginning of each payment cycle gives you access to services for the duration of your paid subscription until the next payment date (as shown below).

Adding any payment method e.g. credit cards like (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) to your account can be done during the subscription process in the registration form.

Debit and check cards (Issued by Visa or MasterCard) are an acceptable payment method. However, such debit cards are not credit cards and therefore may be subject to daily and/or transaction limits. Please check with your issuing bank to determine if these or other limitations and restrictions may apply to your card.

Accounts without a valid payment method will be disabled at the end of the billing cycle. Disabled accounts will be on hold state until a valid payment method is added to their accounts.

Payment procedures and information:

When a member selects a subscription package, a periodic payment cycle will be established starting from the date of his/ her selection. The payment cycle and the selected subscription package will determine the date of payment and the date of issue of the invoice. The date of the payment and subscription cycle is clearly visible on the Payment page. When you sign in to your account, please check your account status on the “Payment” page to see the date of your payment cycle. For questions or problems related to payment please contact customer service.

Payment cycles and Expiry dates

The date on which the member chooses the Subscription Plan is the “Payment Cycle Date”. The monthly or annual invoice will be calculated on the entire subscription period and will be paid in advance. Subsequent payments are determined by a payment cycle depending on your subscription type.

Terms of payment of annual subscription

Annual subscriptions require a one-year commitment and full payment to be eligible for a reduced monthly rate. The annual subscription period will expire on the start date of the new payment cycle for the account and you will not have the right to refund any subscription payments; as a result, the first year of service cannot be canceled.

For further information, see the “Cancellation of Annual Subscription” section below.

If the account is converted from a monthly subscription into an annual subscription, the annual payment is debited at the start date of the new payment cycle assumed for the monthly subscription. When the subscription is completed, we will notify you and display the renewal at that time.

Automatic monthly/ annual renewal terms:

Annual and monthly payments are processed each year/ month, respectively, on the date of the payment cycle. Your payment processing may take an additional 30 days after the payment cycle date. To change your subscription level you can sign in to your account and go to “My Account”, or you can contact us before the start of the new payment cycle to avoid any additional payments.

When you cancel a monthly subscription you have the right to access the services of the site until the date of the new payment cycle for your account, after that you will not be able to access the site services and you will not have the right to refund any monthly payments. Renewed annual payments are also non-refundable.

Automatic Monthly renewal example:

If you pay on August 1, your payment cycle will be determined on that date and the next payment will be on 1 September. If the payment cycle is scheduled on days 29, 30, and 31 which are not in all months, then the payment date is due in one of those months, the payment will be automatically made on the last day of that month.

If you wish to cancel your subscription or change your subscription plan, you must do so before the date of the new payment cycle to avoid additional payments. For example, if you cancel your subscription in a month, you will continue to access the services until the date of the new payment cycle. In the cancellation of the subscription mid-month, for example, you are not entitled to refund the amount of half of the month because the package is monthly and your access is allowed and continued for the site services throughout the month until the date of the new payment cycle.

Automatic Annual renewal example:

If you register for an annual subscription on July 1, 2017, your subscription will expire at midnight on July 1, 2018. 14 days before your membership expiry date, we’ll send you an email letting you know that your annual subscription will be automatically renewed soon. You are responsible for providing us with your e-mail address correctly. If you wish to cancel your subscription or change your subscription plan, you must do so before the date of the new payment cycle to avoid additional payments. When you cancel an annual subscription at the end of one public subscription period, your access to THE E TREE  services will be suspended from the date of the next payment cycle and not from the cancellation date. So you must request to cancel the subscription for another year before the date of the payment cycle because it will not be possible to refund any payments after the deduction on the date of the payment cycle.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Accounts cancelation

Accounts that do not have a valid credit card registered with THE E TREE  until the date of the payment cycle will be restricted to use for THE E TREE  services and tools. At the same time, the member will be given the opportunity, as shown below, to enter active payment information and choose a subscription period to be returned to the site services. Disabled accounts will be kept in an inactive state until an active payment method is entered.

Cancel Membership button

The member can cancel His Trial / monthly/ annual membership as follows:

  1. Log in to your account on THE E TREE .
  2. Click “My Account” at the top left of the page.
  3. Click the “Change” button next to the “Membership and Payment” section.
  4. Follow the requirements to complete the cancellation process.

Please make sure to follow the requirements before clicking the “Cancel Membership” button to end the cancellation!

Discounted subscriptions and coupons cannot be transferred from a store to another.

Monthly subscription cancelation

Your monthly subscription account will expire on the date of the next payment cycle after you submit an account cancellation request. The monthly subscription fee is paid for THE E TREE  services and tools and will continue throughout the month until the date of the new payment. If you cancel your monthly subscription, no refund will be issued.

Annual subscription cancelation

Your annual subscription will expire on the date of the new payment cycle for the account and you will not have the right to refund any subscription payments after payment. Annual subscriptions require an annual one-year non-refundable subscription fee.

Financial liability

The Member agrees not to assign or transfer his rights as a subscriber to paid THE E TREE  services and agrees to be financially responsible for all uses or paid activities on his account.

Payments Refund

Every subscriber must agree to the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are a binding, ongoing contract between you and THE E TREE . A Payment refund is considered a breach of the contract, and the access to THE E TREE  service will be immediately suspended. THE E TREE  reserves the right to pursue the subscriber civilly and/or criminally for any breach of the contract. In addition, by accepting the Terms of Use, you agree that the laws of the Turkish country shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claims, policies, and procedures between you and THE E TREE  relating to all aspects of THE E TREE  services, website(s) and or these Terms. The subscriber expressly and irrevocably consents to personal jurisdiction and venue in these courts. The losing party shall bear all legal expenses and attorneys’ fees.

THE E TREE  has the right to accept or reject customer’s refund requests. The customer can send a refund request within 14 days from the payment date. Transfer fees and/or taxes may be deducted.

Last update in 1/4/2021